Happy Birthday Maggie!

11 Aug


Maggie’s 2nd birthday was Wednesday. She doesn’t go to the vet for a visit for another month or so, but we estimate she’s between 100 and 110 pounds.

The boys and I made her a birthday cake consisting of dog food, peanut butter, hot dogs and cheese. William was the “Hot Dog Man,” and he tore a hot dog into small pieces. Zachary was the “Cheese Man,” and his job was to sprinkle the cheese on top.

After I mixed the dog food and peanut butter, William did his job, followed by Zachary. They couldn’t understand why we weren’t making a real cake. “But Maggie liiiiiiikes cake,” William whined.

After Will got home from work, we sang “Happy Birthday” to her and watched her eat her cake. The boys loved it.

Yes, she is wearing a Vera Bradley collar (in Peacock, if you care).

And no, I’m not a crazy dog person.

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One Response to “Happy Birthday Maggie!”

  1. Kate O. August 11, 2007 at 9:52 am #

    she’s the most stylish pup on the block!! you can always count on the owens family…

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