25 Sep

One of my very first memories as a child is seeing Sesame Street Live. When I found out they were coming to Columbia, I bought tickets WAY in advance. Jessica and Brian and Will and I took the kids (minus Amelia) and we had a great time. William wore his Elmo costume from last Halloween, and he was a total rock star. People were taking pictures of him, kids were screaming at him, “Elmo!! Elmo!!” It was absolutely hysterical. Zachary, Kendall and Cooper had on their best Elmo garb as well.

Somehow we managed to escape without a NINE DOLLAR Elmo balloon. However some parents weren’t as lucky. Zachary pointed in the air and said, “Mommy, Elmo high in the sky.” Two balloons had escaped and were floating away. My only thought was that those balloons could have fed a starving African child for a year.

Elmo was clearly the crowd favorite.

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