4 Dec

William is getting so old.  It hit me the other day he’ll be ***5*** in just 3 months.  My baby!  He’s been saying the funniest things lately.  One day he told me the big, bad wolf broke my bamboo candleholder.  Tonight he told me it was ok for him to fold up the clothes he wore today and put them in his drawer so he could wear them tomorrow because it makes him happy.  Here is a small part of a conversation we had yesterday.

W:  Mom, does God have bandaids?

L:  Ummm, what?

W:  Does God have bandaids?

L:  Well, yes He does.  Whenever you hurt yourself, you pray asking Him to make you feel better and He gives you an imaginary bandaid.

W:  Does Jesus have bandaids?

L:  Umm, I guess He does. 

W:  Does Noah have bandaids?

L:  Huh?

W:  You know, Mom.  Noah with the big, big ark?

L:  Well, I guess so. 

W:  Mom, I don’t want to die on a cross.

L:  What?

W:  Like Jesus.  I don’t want to die on a cross.

L:  Well you don’t have to baby.  Jesus died on the cross so we don’t have to.

W:  But I don’t want to die.

L:  I know.  But when we die, we get to go to heaven to be with Jesus.

W:  When am I going to go to heaven?

L:  Oh I don’t know.  Only God knows when we’re going to go to heaven.

W:  Does Jesus have the purple blankets on?

L:  The robes?  Well, yes, he has them in heaven.

W:  Zachary do you want to go outside and build a road?

Seriously, that was one conversation.  Will told me the average 4 year old asks 400 questions a day.  I know we exceed that.


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