The Romance Is Still There

13 Dec

The Owens children have been passing around a gastrointestinal virus this week.  Monday night Zachary didn’t eat much for dinner.  Will was feeding Amelia her cereal and William was going to town on his chicken noodle soup.  I had just gotten out of the shower and put on some fresh cute clothes to go shopping with Will’s mom for his Christmas gift.  Zachary crawled up in my lap and I started rocking him.  The next thing I know, he was throwing up all over me, my favorite chair in the whole house and the floor.  I’ll spare you from the details of the contents. 

Will jumped up, grabbed a towel and rushed over, while I lifted Zachary off of my lap and the chair.  Will scooped him up and flew to the bathroom.  I was left standing in a…well…mess.  (Did I mention I just took a shower?)  I started peeling my wet clothes off in the middle of the living room, including my favorite flip-flops.  I was left standing in my underwear, and I started wiping things up.  Will and Zachary returned, and Zach curled up on the couch.  Will looked at me and said, “Ooooo, are those new?” (referring to my underwear).  I told him they were, and he made his noise that I really think all guys make when they want you to know they think something is hot.  I reminded him that I’m covered in vomit, and we just started laughing.  Ahhhh, life with kids. 

See here’s the really romantic part–I wiped down, put on another set of fresh clothes and then darted out the door 10 minutes later without any kids.  How awesome is that?

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