14 Dec

Will and I are huge Keith Olbermann fans.  His TV show is on weeknights on MSNBC at 8pm Eastern.  We’ve been fans pretty much since his show started.  One of the reasons we love him so much is that he brings to light what an idiot Bill O’Reilly is. 

Will had the day off so we drove up toCharlotte to visit the Body Worlds exhibit at Discovery Place.  The exhibit was absolutely amazing.  Put simply, it’s a study on human anatomy in the most artistic way possible.  People donated their bodies to science and Gunther von Hagens, a leading anatomist, took these bodies and preserved them using a technique called plastination.  Several full bodies were on display.  The skin was removed and each body was positioned doing something (i.e. playing basketball, teaching, doing the rings in gymnastics, etc.).  One body was even riding a horse that had been plastinated.  Some bodies emphasizes the nervous system, some the circulatory, etc.  All of the human organs were on display, healthy and ill.  We agreed it was the most amazing museum exhibit we’d ever seen.  But I digress…

So the kids fell asleep in the back of the Hotyssey as we were driving home.  Nothing exciting was on the radio so we tuned into Bill O’Reilly’s radio show for entertainment purposes only.  One would imagine he would be discussing important national and international topics.  You know, a war, a major presidential election, the decline of healthcare in America, political crises in the Middle East, etc.  Not so much.  In order of frequency, here were the most discussed topics in the one hour we listened this afternoon:

1.  The “War on Christmas”  (I’m not kidding.)

2.  The Democrats’ scheme to inject Romney’s mormonism into the national spotlight to tear the Republicans apart (again, I’m not kidding.)

3.  The Mitchell report (the steroid/baseball report) and how it’s really not a big deal at all 

4.  The “kooks” that are “out there”

5.  The terrorists

I was hoping for a bit more intellectual discussion between Bill and his callers.  But I guess since the show isn’t scripted, it’s a bit too tough for him to think on his feet.

One Response to “Bill-O”

  1. politipornster December 14, 2007 at 4:41 pm #

    Isn’t Bill just a riot? Going around scaring old folks with his stories of the SP’s trying to kill Christmas and all these liberal Judges who look forward to nothing else but releasing sexual predators. I do agree though, it is entertaining. Please feel free to pop over to my blog and read my column on Bill’s claimed victory in the War on Christmas.

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