23 Dec

William has started giving everything in the house a name.  A couple of months ago, the boys were eating dinner.  I told them they had to eat their PB&J sandwich before they could have some yogurt.  Will called me into another room to show me something on the computer.  Zachary was pitching a small fit at the table because he didn’t want to eat his sandwich.  The next thing I know, William yells at Zachary, “YOU KNOW THE RULES, DANIEL.  NO YOGURT UNTIL YOU EAT YOUR SANDWICH!”

Will and I just looked at each other and chuckled.  I went back in and found both of them finishing off their sandwiches.  Yogurt followed.  We headed upstairs and put them in the tub.  They were bathing happily, and Will and I were just hanging out watching them play.  William looked at Zachary and VERY matter of factly said, “Daniel, will you hand me that pitcher please?”  Zachary never hesitated and handed him the Flora-Bama pitcher.  (Yes, I rinse my kids’ hair with a Flora-Bama beer pitcher.  Those were the good ole days.)

We bursted out laughing and Will asked William, “Why do you call him Daniel?”

“Because I do.”

“But why do you call him Daniel?”


Zachary was Daniel for a couple of weeks.  It wasn’t a constant name change.  Mostly it was when William meant business.  Sometimes I stand outside of their room at night and listen to them play.  William would change it up between Zachary and Daniel frequently.  And Zachary never once blinked at his different names.

A couple of weeks ago, Zachary became Johnny.  Not to be confused with John.  His name for an evening was Johnny.

The next day it was Zachary.  And to this day, Daniel will sometimes make an appearance.

William also has “Baby Tiger.”  It’s a regular sized stuffed tiger.  She is the daughter of “Momma Tiger.”  There is also “Baby Puppy” and “Baby Frog.”  Baby Tiger and Momma Tiger are inseparable. 

Last week William was at Grandma and Grandad’s house.  Zach and Amelia were mine for the day.  I was doing something when I heard Zachary say, “There’s Pony!”  I told him, “No, silly.  That’s Baby Tiger.”  He just walked off.

Later that day when William returned, Zachary ran up to him with Baby Tiger.  William thanked him and then proceeded to fuss.  “PONY, I told you not to leave me.  I couldn’t find you and that made me very sad.  Please don’t do that again.”  I asked William who Pony was. 

“Pony is her,” he said, holding up Baby Tiger.

“But that’s Baby Tiger.”

“No, her name is Pony.” 

“Oh, OK.”

And for the last two weeks, Pony has become an integral part of our family.  We literally do not do anything (sleep, eat, go to Target) without Pony and Duckie, Zachary’s security duck.  It’s really funny to watch.  I’m just waiting for a new name change. 

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