Christmas with Kate and Brandon

30 Dec

Kate and Brandon came to visit us a couple of weeks ago.  They were able to stay an entire week, and we had a blast!  Other than the GI virus that they both got within 24 hours of arriving, we had a great time. 

If you ever come visit us here, you’ll get the routine favorites–Eric’s San Jose restaurant, Bojangles biscuits, Rush’s burgers and shakes, etc.  But Brandon made a special request before he even arrived.  He wanted to try ***South Carolina Barbecue***.  Boy did he come to the right place. 

The night before they left (also several days after their bellies recovered from the beast of a virus), we made a trip to Little Pigs Barbecue.  It’s the kind of place you only go once a year so your cholesterol can recover.  And it’s also the kind of place you remember once you get there WHY you only go once a year–the patronage.  But as Alton Brown says, it’s “good eats.”


Here are a few shots from our trip to the zoo to see the Lights Before Christmas.  It’s my very favorite thing we do at Christmastime.  Brandon asked what the chances were of a Santa meltdown.  I gave him 90-95%, all bets on Zachary.  I was completely wrong.  Zachary loved him!!!  And I looked like a fool, as usual.  🙂






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