Oahu, Hawaii

10 Feb

Will and I just got back from a little vacation to Honolulu.  Will did an amazing job speaking at the SCCM conference.  I was so proud sitting there listening (and I even knew what he was talking about!!), I just wanted to tell everyone there just how wonderful he is.  I didn’t do that, but I did tell total strangers in the Ala Moana mall. 

The flights were incredibly long.  I really had no idea how long it took to get there.  We flew from Columbia to Dulles (1 1/2 hours), then from Dulles to San Francisco (6 there, 5 return) and then from San Francisco to Honolulu (6 there, 5 return).  We were beat by the time we got there.  There is a 5 hour time difference, so it wasn’t THAT bad.  But the trip back completely wiped us out.  The travel is by far worse than going to Europe, but who knew?  It was totally worth it though.  Here are a few shots from the trip.  I’ll post more this week. 




A view from our window at the hotel



Will totally surprised me and rented a convertible (up from the Chevy Aveo or the world’s smallest rental car).  Oahu is really small, only about 20 miles x 30 miles.  It was so much fun!!  Neither of us had ever been in a convertible, but we loved our little Sebring.


Just a cool tree.  Palm trees are…surprise….EVERYWHERE!!



We first drove up the Eastern coast to Kauai, where we attempted a picnic.  The wind had other plans for us.  It’s the rainy/winter season over there right now, so the highs were only around 70 degrees.  Add into that a wind of 20-30 mph and it gets pretty chilly.  So we inhaled our Arby’s and stuck our feet in the water.  So much for experiencing one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.



A common view on the drive.  Unbelievably beautiful.



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