Baby Angel

14 Feb

OK, so the official title is “Baby Angel Pumpkin Pie Garden Fairy Princess.”  But I’ll just call her Baby Angel for our purposes.  

I bought this skirt when Amelia was 2 weeks old.  I got an amazing deal on it and have held onto it for months now.  Every single day I have looked at that skirt and dreamed of the day I could take some shots of her in that sweet skirt.  My vision was her sitting there with her big fat sweet belly poking out and that skirt. 

Finally she mastered sitting up last week.  I mean REALLY sitting up.  Not sitting and leaning over, falling down and bonking her nose.  I mean sitting.  So yesterday we played baby model for a few minutes.  Obviously she loves her thumb.  She also loves the bunny my mom bought for her in NYC before she was born.  We didn’t even know she was a she.

And she’s exactly 8 1/2 months today.   


She’s just getting too big too fast. 


I think I want another baby.




Just kidding.  Enjoy!

My favorite shots are posted here.






One Response to “Baby Angel”

  1. Will February 21, 2008 at 12:48 pm #

    What do you mean, another baby????!!!!!!

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