Papa Georgio

22 Feb

Sorry I’ve been a little slack on the posting lately.  I guess I didn’t anticipate the week being so busy.  But it’s finally Friday morning, and it’s pouring outside.  Amelia is squawking and crawling around in her playpen and the boys are playing with their crane (and I might add, playing well together!).  So I’m going to try and catch up on emails and posts while I can.

Tuesday night Will and I went to William’s new school, Meadowfield Elementary School.  I thought the day would never come, and I’ve been nearing an emotional breakdown for the last couple of weeks anticipating that meeting.  But somehow I managed to keep it together.  We’re very excited about Meadowfield.  It’s got a wonderful reputation among both parents and the education community.  Yesterday morning I walked in with my folder containing everything that proves William exists–his SS card, birth certificate, and immunization record, and our water and electric bill.  It was a very strange feeling, but I just took a deep breath, said a little prayer and got it done.  William is officially registered for kindergarden.  OMG.

William and Zachary were out playing in the backyard last weekend when William came bolting in, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!”  Zach followed close behind.  William caught his very first lizard.  He’s never really been scared of them, as Will would wear them as earrings to entertain the kids:  

dsc_0019.jpg    dsc_0018.jpg

So we knew it wouldn’t be long before William made his first catch.  A few minutes later, he had a name, a room and some “berries” for food.  George became part of our family.





And “George” has now, for some reason become Papa Georgio.  Don’t ask.  Somehow, someway he is still with us.  William prides himself on picking up dead ladybugs from Amelia’s room to feed to Papa Georgio.  And at the mere mention of letting him go, tears are shed.

On a side note, I’ll do a little plug for my best friend Jessica.  She’s started her own design/embroidery gig, Bobbin.  You should check our her blog.  She is 100% absolutely, completely amazing at in-home design, sewing and embroidery.  She’s about half the reason I had a baby girl, and there are little creations all over my house. 


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