Up, Up and Away!

25 Feb

We were lucky enough to have Will around on President’s Day.  He had worked his share of “minor” holidays, so it was his turn to have a day off.  After we did hours and hours of yardwork all weekend, we had this to show for it:  a pile nearly 4 feet high along our entire property line.  We pulled up a few dead trees in the “woods” part of our backyard, a few gigantic holly bushes that I have hated since the day we moved in (one word:  wasps) and trimmings from everywhere.  The photos make it look like nothing, but that was definitely not the case.




So after all of our hard work, we took the kids to Owens Field Park, our local boy mecca.  It’s right next to a small private airport, where there is always a plane or helicopter taking off or landing.  Then next to that are several railroad tracks.  Some days, we just go drive out there and watch.  It’s wonderful. 

It was a beautiful and windy day and we took the kids and kite out.  Even Grandad came along! 


William does an amazing job of flying the kite.  Well, at least until he wraps the string around the football goal posts.


Kite in action


My cute boy 



I love this photo.  If only you could have heard the conversation.  “Now Zachary, here is what you do.  You see that kite up there?  OK, now you go stand by Daddy.  Then he will give you the handle with the string.  You just hold on to the string and the kite flies way up there.” 

Zachary replies, “OK.”

William takes a breath and continues, “You don’t need to be scared.  It’s OK Zachary.  Go over there by Daddy.  The kite won’t hurt you.  It’s ok.  See?  You’ll like it Zachary.  You can have a turn now.  And when you’re done then it will be my turn….”

That is the gest of the conversation, but William really never stops talking these days.  Ever.  Zachary happily flew the kite with Will for about 12.4 seconds.  Then he ran over to look in the ditch.





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