Crazy Uncle Charles and Beautiful Aunt Betsy

3 Mar

We LOVE having visitors.  And it’s been especially wonderful since Charles and Betsy moved to Durham.  (Charles is doing his residency there until June 2010.)  On a rare weekend that they’re both off of work, they’ll occassionally come down to Columbia and hang out with the family.  It was an odd weekend, but all in all, we had a WONDERFUL time!  The kids absolutely love Charles.  He’s not afraid to play rough with the boys, and I think he’s fallen in love with Amelia.  And Betsy makes silly comments and knows JUST how to confuse them and make them laugh all at the same time.  (Remember she’s an elementary school teacher.)  We really have a great time together being one big happy family.  🙂

 After naptime on Saturday, it was a perfect 65 degrees.  We decided to take the kids to the park and I’ve NEVER seen it so packed since we’ve lived here.  Betsy immediately assumed “recess duty” position with her hands on her hips.  It was pretty funny.  We had a really fun time and here are a few shots from the weekend: 


Betsy on the swing (for the first time in 10+ years)



The boys being silly on the monkey bars.  Zachary just climbed right on up, completely unphased by the height.  Then he realized he couldn’t get down.



William being Superman on the monkey bars



Sweet Zachary



Dancing in the park….how romantic???



Look at those two bottom teeth!!!



This is what sexy looks like on the monkey bars



Sweet big brother and his favorite sister



Amelia had more fun with Betsy than anyone.  I think Betsy promised to take her shopping soon.

One Response to “Crazy Uncle Charles and Beautiful Aunt Betsy”

  1. bobbindesign March 5, 2008 at 7:43 pm #

    oh my gracious, amelia is one beautiful baby in that blue alligator dress. what a sweetheart. and i LOVE the one of big bro worm & his sissy in their jammies. love you guys!

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