A Long Week…

14 Mar

These last couple of weeks have been the longest of my life.  Or at least they come close.  The boys have been non-stop, Amelia has been sick and Will’s had some really long days at work.  Will’s mom has been sick, so that has put another damper on things.  These times fortunately don’t happen that often, but we’re in the midst of it right now.  And it’s no fun.  Ugh.

And William locked me out of my own bedroom this morning.  I’m not kidding.  He locked the door “to keep Zachary out,” and it’s not a simple pop lock.  It’s the turn-y kind.  The only other time this happened, it took Will and his best friend Chris nearly an hour to unlock.  This included dismantling the lock and debating on whether the door should come down or not.  The good news is that I chose to bring the boys’ basket of folded clothes upstairs last night instead of my own.  So at least I had clothes to wear to bring them to Mother’s Day Out this morning.  This week is the letter “W,” and William just HAD to wear his “W” shirt this morning.  It was a huge hit.  So now I’m waiting for Will to run home from the hospital to fix the door.  Note:  The last time Will rushed home from work, I was 36 weeks pregnant with Zachary and saw a snake in our garage.  It was NOT funny and he didn’t find the snake.  There’s still a little twinge of terror in the pit of my stomach every single time I walk in the garage.

Here are a few pics from last week.  My most amazing BFF Jessica totally played SuperMom and SuperFriend.  She came and got my boys and took them for their first non-family overnight.  They made little pizzas and William now even wants MILK with his cereal.  Wha???  The child has NEVER liked milk, but now he does.  And it completely grosses me out.  I HATE milk, and I’ve only really bought it to cook with.  Seeing him drink pink milk after his Trix really turns my stomach.  But I cannot let on or that too will become “stinky,” the current favorite word in our house for 3 weeks running.



The boys with Kendall and Cooper.  Kendall is 6 weeks older than William and Cooper is 3 weeks older than Zachary.  Jessica and I became friends when we were both about to “drop those babies.”  I brought her Chick-Fil-A in the hospital the day after she had Cooper and that’s all she wrote!  Isn’t Kendall a knockout???




Don’t you just love the space helmet Grammy sent William for his birthday?  And notice the “space cape.”




Hello??  I want in the picture toooooo!!!!!!


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