A Few of My Favorite Things

24 Apr

Since I do so much internet shopping, I thought I would start posting a few of my favorite websites (shopping and otherwise) every once in a while.  Mixing it up is a good thing, right?  So here are today’s favorites:

Mabel’s Labels

I saw these on a friend’s juice cup (for the kid, not her) and couldn’t believe my eyes.  Here was a preprinted label (that was cute too!) that actually STUCK and wasn’t peeling.  Within 24 hours, I had ordered my very own first set of labels.  They make them for clothes, shoes and even luggage tags.  Don’t laugh, but one of my very first thoughts when I brought Amelia home from the hospital was, “Oh no!  We need PINK labels!”  Shortly thereafter, Amelia had the Princess Pack with a little flower on it.  The best part is that they’re not just for kids.  These are PERFECT for teachers.  (Don’t worry, Kate.  Once you get your own classroom, these will be in the mail to you.)

Livie and Luca

These shoes are absolutely worth every penny.  Periord.  They are the softest leather, especially for little feet, but sturdy enough for new walkers.  Girl pick:  Eve’s Pink Apples.  Boy pick:  Brown Elephants.

50 Ways to Save the Planet

50 very, very practical ways to incoroporate green into everyday life.  Pick one a week and just do it.

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