A Few More Things…

30 Apr

This week has been much calmer compared to last week.  I’m trying to finish the quilt for Kate’s upcoming bridal shower, and that takes major focus and drive.  Fortunately I was able to do most of the quilting part yesterday, so there’s just a few more hours of work on that.  I’ll post photos after I give it to her, but since she’s one of my greatest readers, I don’t want to spoil the surprise.  I’m DYING to give it to her.  I designed it in my head, down to paper, and then to many dollars worth of fabric.  It’s so beautiful I just want to keep it for myself.  Why does that always happen???

But now Amelia is the sick one.  We made it through an entire week without sickness, so it was bound to happen.  She’s got the crusty eyes, nose drip and NASTY cough.  But I know she’ll survive, just like the other 2 did.  I admit she’s even beautiful with crusty eyes.

I posted some new photos of Zachary on my photo blog.  But other than that, I’ve been laying low.  I can barely survive with what I’ve got!

I thought I’d post a few more of my favorite links, Amelia version.  It’s just a couple, but why not?

Belle’s Bowtique

These are my absolute favorite bows.  When Amelia was born, I told Jessica I would just probably save money and make all of her bows. 

No.  Not worth it.

So a friend gave me some as a gift when she was born and I fell in love.  She has a ton of different designs with bows, flowers and everything in between.  She even has tutus!  (Now that I DID make.)  I don’t know what she does to make them so perfect, but it works.  They’re not that expensive (especially considering how much you would pay in any other store) and they just LOOK like they’re better quality.  I guess that’s because they are.  Anyway, order some.  Tell Billie (Belle’s mom) I sent ya.


This girl has a shop on Etsy, one of my very favorite websites.  It’s sort of like Ebay, but no bidding.  And everything is handmade.  Maybe it’s like the web’s largest craft show.  Except everything is really cool, and there’s nothing that involves a duck cross-stitched onto a wreath. 

So anyway, I LOVE her pinafores.  I ordered 2, and I swear Amelia wore them for 9 months.  First, she wore it as a dress, then as a top with jeans.  In the fall and winter, I put a long-sleeve shirt on underneath.  Now I put nothing under it and just put a cute diaper cover on her cute little behind.  Now I see she has skirts that are totally precious.  I think I might have to go order one….


One Response to “A Few More Things…”

  1. Leslie April 30, 2008 at 9:44 pm #

    GIRL, you are SOOOOO talented! I just love reading your blog and seeing ALL that you do! Where DO you find all the time!?!

    Tell William “Way to go on riding his bike w/out training wheels”!! Great accomplishment!

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