Slip ‘N Slide Fun!

19 Jun

I apologize for being so slack in the blogging department lately.  Summer is definitely here, and even though my weeks seem to start off with a blank calendar, we find lots of ways to occupy our hot Carolina days.  I posted a video yesterday of Amelia laughing on the swing at our neighborhood park.  We FINALLY got to go yesterday.  It has just been so hot I’ve pretty much wanted to stay home with the curtains pulled. 

Zachary asked me for a milkshake for lunch yesterday, so I promised him we’d get one after naps.  So we swung by Sonic and headed to the park (I already have enough mess at home WITHOUT adding a milkshake to the mix).  William had a great time entertaining a grandmother and her 18 month old granddaughter.  He pretty much told the woman his life story.  I kept apologizing, but she really got a kick out of it.  Zachary just wanted to swing.  So I put Amelia next to him and for the first time, she LOVED to swing!  She just thought it was the funniest thing ever.  So I grabbed my little camera and started videoing her.  It was just so dang cute.  The video reminds me of that YouTube video of that baby who laughs nonstop. 

I also invested in a slip n slide last week.  So we broke it out and set it up.  At first they just wanted to drink the water, but finally they started sliding.  I couldn’t help but grab my good camera (and threaten them with their lives if they splashed me!!) and shoot a few pics.

This week William has been going to a Vacation Bible School, which he absolutely loves.  He came home today with a sheet of stickers, an “ocean” water bottle (the oil/water/food coloring/glitter mix), a cup with dirt and grass seeds, a bracelet for me, and a tye-dyed pillowcase.  All pretty sweet stuff. 

Will is off for a long weekend since he worked last weekend.  So we’ll probably stain and hang our new front door (you know you’re old when you get excited about a new door) and play around the house.  Happy Weekend!!


One Response to “Slip ‘N Slide Fun!”

  1. Leslie June 24, 2008 at 9:09 pm #

    The boys look like they are having a ball on the slip-n-slide!! Our kids love it too! Oh, and I know how you feel with being busy!! Summer is sooo busy, but sooo wonderful all at the same time! Stop by the office one day to say hello, if you’re not too busy! Hope all is well!

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