Beach Photos

16 Jul

I just realized I haven’t posted many of the beach trip pictures.  So today I’ll let you take a peek.  Lucky you.  🙂

This week has probably been the most exhausting week of the summer thus far.  Zachary, Amelia and I have been in the car 2 hours a day before 12:30.  Ahhhhh, zoo camp.  And my current battle is with the Richland One school bus people.  We live 1.3 miles from the elementary school and the rule is that if you live within 1.5 miles, you can walk.  Unfortunately sending my 5 year old off walking is not going to happen because of the 500 cars that travel down the main road in the morning.  So anyway, this is a battle I’m going to fight to the end.  Any suggestions?

So needless to say, no more writing for today.  Will got called in to the hospital and I’m ready to snuggle in for the new Project Runway.  Have a wonderful night!


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