I’m Not a Theatre Critic, BUT…

18 Jul

Will got us tickets last night to go see the musical production of Reefer Madness.  I had never heard of the original 1930s movie, much less the spoof musical version.  It is playing downtown Columbia at the Trustus Theatre.  Basically, the movie in the 30s was to scare everyone into not using drugs.  If you smoked one joint, your life was completely doomed.

Now, I’m not into drugs.  Obviously.  Never done one and I never will.  BUT this musical was hysterical.  Here is the State newspaper’s review, and here is one other review.  The bottom line is this: 

1.  NOT for the easily offended.  Mom, this includes you.  🙂

2.  It is very well-acted.

3.  I laughed so much!  And I only caught half of what they were saying.


The show runs through July 26.  Go.  And love it.

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