First Day of School

9 Sep

My sweet baby William started kindergarten August 18.  Sad day for me, happy day for him.  He had a pretty good time, but by Wednesday he didn’t want to go back.  He cried when it was time for Will and me to leave, which completely tore my heart out.  And when I walked out of the classroom, a waterfall of tears just flowed.  Fortunately, I met a few other parents in the “new parent coffee,” which consisted of…  And I even made one really good friend!

It’s been a much bigger adjustment than I ever anticipated, but he’s loving it now.  I won our school bus fight, so a couple of weeks ago, a bus has started coming in our neighborhood, both morning and afternoon.  And that’s when he decided he liked school after all.  His teacher is Ms. Gilmore and he loves her!  It’s a good thing, especially because he’s going to have her for 1st grade too.  Meadowfield does “looping,” where the students have the same K/1 teacher, 2/3 and 4/5. 


Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that Will had him in the Baby Bjorn at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in BR, 5 days after he was born?????

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