The Adventures are Back!

11 Nov

After taking a short blogging hiatus, we’re back!  Life never seems to be dull around here, especially as of late.  I have so much to catch you up on!  I guess I’ll start with our Disneyworld trip.

Last month was our anniversary, and to celebrate, we hopped on down to Disney.  I’ve been DYING to take the boys, and somehow, someway, I convinced my sweet husband to go.  So BFF Jessica kept Amelia, and we picked Mom up at the Orlando airport, surprising the boys.  We really had a blast.  William was THE perfect age, but Zachary was a champ too.  William waved to every single character on every single ride, as if they were real.  Then he would ask us, “Is that duck soft?  Is that mouse soft?”  We think he was asking us if they were real or not, but it was just so sweet to see him in complete awe.  Zachary’s favorite ride was Buzz Lightyear.  Mom took him on it over and over while Will, William and I rode Space Mountain, also a hit.


Anyway, here are a few pictures from our trip!


Celebrating our anniversary at Epcot (ALONE!) (l)

Loving on Grammy before the parade and fireworks (r)


THE highlight of the trip, riding shotgun on the monorail!!!!


Watching the day parade at the Magic Kingdom


Trying to get last minute shots in front of the castle, easier said than done!


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