favorite things 2010: SCHOOL!

20 Dec

This year was a very exciting year for us because Zachary started Kindergarden!  William started 2nd grade, and the boys have absolutely wonderful teachers.  If you ever send your kids to Meadowfield Elementary, you absolutely, positively want Mr. Browder for K and Ms. Johnson for 2nd grade.  No explanation necessary.

Despite the fact that the boys both wanted to ride the schoolbus, we brought them so we could meet the teachers and walk them in.  Zachary barely wanted to have anything to do with me and immediately sat down and started reading a book on the GIANT class rug (see photo).  William was completely comfortable, especially because his best bud Watts was in the same class.  Somehow they managed to sit at the same table most of the semester!  When they got off the bus that afternoon, they were the sweatiest, stinkiest, grossest, happiest boys ever.

William’s favorite subjects are math and science, and he is reading like a champ.  Zachary is just happy in school.  Just happy.  He’s starting to read, and it’s fun seeing his creativity and personality really shine through.

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