favorite things 2010: BEACH WEEK!

22 Dec

One of the very best weeks of the year is always beach week with the Owens family!  We’ve been going to different South Carolina beaches for the last 3 years, and it’s such a fun time.  We rent a giant beach house, Will’s sister and I split up the cooking and everyone relaxes.  Our kids have fun with their only cousin (until a few months ago, that is!).  Here are a few shots:

We got our the best family portait in years thanks to Kate’s great trigger finger!  (I got everyone situated, dialed up the camera settings I wanted and asked her to press the button 15 times)

Sweet cousins!

One of my favorite shots–I stood in the water and told the kids to just run.  What more could you ask for??

And probably my favorite shot of the week.  I love the way her arms are spread, all dainty.

This year we stayed at Folly Beach, SC and we’ll likely go back there in 2011.  They have a great Main Street, Charleston is a 15 minute drive away and the surfing is the best in the area!

Will hired a surfing instructor for us (minus Amelia) and we learned to surf!  It would have been perfect, except I forgot my “Sporty Spice” bathing suit at home and I may or may not have flashed the 20 year old surfing instructor a few times.  Sorry, Mom!!  Will, William and Zachary surfed from the very first wave.  I lost my favorite Costa del Mar sunglasses on the first wave.  I eventually got it, but the boys did way better than me!

Below is a link to the Picasa album of candid photos from the trip.  Enjoy!

Folly Beach 2010

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