favorite things 2010: SNOW DAY!

23 Dec

We just finished this nativity banner craft and it turned out so cute!  So simple, so cheap and perfect for a Savior-centered holiday!


Columbia got a record snowfall this past February.  Fortunately we had just spent Christmas 2009 in the mountains outside of Asheville, NC, so we had plenty of snow gear.  They only called for a few inches, but we ended up with 8-9″!  Sadly it was gone by the next day, but for that one white day, it was beautiful.  We saw and spoke to more neighbors than we had ever seen because everyone was enjoying the snow.  After we had our fill of the snow in our yard, we walked over to Grandad’s house and played in his snow.  Such a fun day!


Maggie really is a snow dog!  Look at the snow flying from her tail!



My hands-down favorite photo of 2010!  This is it!!  Look at William’s face.


Sweet baby snow angel hairbow princess


Do not think that I am the kind of mom who will not pound her kids with a snowball.  William learned that the hard way.


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