christmas 2009: smoky mountain memories!

24 Dec

Since I was a crappy blogger last year, I’ll just tell you the brief story of our fun Christmas 2009.  We decided to make it a first-ever destination Christmas, so we booked a beautiful, high-end cabin in the Smoky Mountains.  Well, it just so happened to snow like CRAZY 2 days before we were scheduled to arrive, as in 18 inches crazy.  Being somewhat snow-ignorant, Will and I figured everything would be fine.  We packed the kids, the presents and loaded up both the Hotyssey and Will’s truck and headed to Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

We crossed into NC and the snow kept getting higher and higher and we started getting a little nervous.  Normally we would have been super excited, but our cabin was at the very top of a mountain and neither one of us were driving a 4×4 vehicle.  We got to the Maggie Valley ReMax to pick up our key and we learned that we most likely would not be getting to our luxurious, warm, snuggly cabin at the top of the mountain.  Of course we had to try though, right????

I had the kids in the van with me and Will was driving his truck.  Making a VERY long story short, we attempted to get to our cabin unsuccessfully.  Let’s just say it was one of the most terrifying hours of my life.  One-lane road, snow, ice, children crying in the backseat, snow chains wouldn’t go on, turning around on the one-lane road almost falling off the mountain, sun going down, driving backwards downhill on the one-lane road in the dark…you get the picture.

After searching and searching, we found a Comfort Inn that had one available room.  I was in no position to bargain with Will, so we took the one room with two double beds.  We slept in the clothes we wore all day and had a warm place for the night.  Will didn’t do much sleeping after he got kicked to the floor by a restless, kicking, talking-in-her-sleep Amelia.  Thank the Lord that my mom, Kate and Brandon were not scheduled to arrive until the next day.

The next morning, Will headed back up to the ReMax office and by the sheer grace of God, there was an available cabin of the same size.  The lady didn’t think we’d be able to get to that one either, but we managed.  My genius husband threw a shovel and bag of salt in the back of his truck before we left and that came in very handy.  It was the first time I’d ever seen him shovel snow!

That was the biggest story of the trip–just getting there.  Mom, Kate and Brandon arrived safely and Christmas 09 commenced!  We enjoyed the hot tub:



And the big boys squared off in a mustache contest.  My brother was declared the winner after he pulled of the Mexican drug lord ‘stache.


Brandon took home the prized mug.


And Will was heartbroken when he had to shave his.  (It was his Christmas gift to me.)



Brandon and Will had an enjoyable night in the hot tub

which led to Brandon doing a snow angel in his bathing suit in about 20*.


We went snow tubing ,


And we had a great time being together!!



Yay for Smoky Mountain Memories!!!





Merry Christmas from the Owens Family!

One Response to “christmas 2009: smoky mountain memories!”

  1. Aunt Pam December 24, 2010 at 3:38 pm #

    It will be hard to top last Christmas, Lorien–thankfully!! Hope y’all enjoy the holiday!!

    Merry Christmas!

    Love you all,
    Aunt Pam

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