Christmas 2010!

28 Dec

We had such a wonderful Christmas!  It was probably because of William’s prayer on Christmas Eve:

Dear Lord, Thank you for such a great day!…And please let us get presents.  Like LUCKY presents.  But not like at the end of a rainbow, lucky.  Yeah, lucky presents….Amen.

Anyway, here are a couple of shots of us before our Christmas Eve church service.

And Christmas morning!  William got a dissecting microscope, Zachary got a bike/scooter/skateboard ramp (we’ve yet to make an ER visit, so we’re determined that 2011 is the year for that), and Amelia got a CD player with 2 microphones.  They each also got something to trick out their bikes.  And Uncle Charles won Favorite Present again this year, with his gift of 2 sets of nunchucks for the boys and a pink guitar for Amelia.

Will needed something awesome for his office, so I found this phrenology bust.  He loves it.

And I scored with a PARKA!!! for Pittsburgh.  I’ve never owned a parka!!

Santa was extra good to us and brought us snow on Christmas night!!!  We woke up the next morning to a couple of inches and it pretty much snowed all day.  It was peaceful and beautiful and white.  We told the kids that this was just a practice round for what’s ahead.

And this is what happens to you when you get smacked in the face with not one, but two snowballs by your father.

And here’s the link to a few more pictures from Christmas.  Enjoy!!

Christmas 2010

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