scoping out pittsburgh.

19 Jan

it’s been a whole week since i’ve posted!  before the guilt sets in any more than it already has, i’ll update you a little with what’s been going on.


all 5 of us packed our bags and flew up to pittsburgh last friday.  it was the first flight for amelia, the first flight as a family and the 2nd flight for the boys since they were really little.  some of the highlights of the trip (it’s a list kinda day):


  • seeing their sweet faces watching the planes from the terminal
  • wearing ***1*** pair of shoes the entire time–SNOW BOOTS!!!
  • seeing my sweet friend hannah for the first time since high school and meeting her son, max
  • going ice skating at PPG Place
  • watching the boys fall 100 times each while teaching themselves to ice skate
  • touring the boys’ new school
  • busting through not one, but both of our suitcases
  • meeting a real estate agent (admittedly a cat lady who calls her blackberry “andrew”) and seeing rental properties
  • meeting a sweet family and checking out their crib that we’re hoping to purchase
  • seeing ben avon (our neighborhood-to-be) and falling in love with it all over again
  • listening to amazement in our kids’ voices as we drove through tunnels
  • riding the monongahela incline
  • riding the pittsburgh metro, the “T”
  • realizing we’ll only be 15 minutes from an IKEA
  • showing the kids will’s new hospitals (here’s one and another one)
  • having a delicious sunday lunch with will’s new boss and family
  • stomping around in snow boots
  • watching the snow fall from our hotel window
  • returning to the hotyssey at the charlotte airport, only to realize the battery was dead
  • coming to grips that it’s NOT THAT COLD and it’s NOTHING like our friends lucas and jamie live with (in siberia)
  • playing in a wooden park, reminiscent of my childhood, that was covered in 6 inches of fresh powdery snow


those are a few of the highlights.  it was a PACKED weekend trip and i think we’re still recovering.


will you please continue to pray for our housing situtation?  we’re in limbo a bit again and are trying to figure out the route the Lord is taking us.  we’re not doubting our decision ONE BIT.  now it’s just a matter of figuring out a place and time.  our tentative move date is still february 17…exactly 29 days away.  woof.

One Response to “scoping out pittsburgh.”

  1. janet January 19, 2011 at 4:30 pm #

    Wow! Busy weekend. I could FEEEEEEL the Owens’ presence in PA, and it felt soooo gooooood. (Or am I full of baloney? Your call!)
    So excited for all you saw and did. And so selfishly excited that you’ve scoped out the city for us. THANKS!
    I did not know that P’burgh had a funicular! Or ice skating! Or a cutey-pooty neighborhood! Can’t wait to see it all. (Oh, and you. Can’t wait to see you.) :^)
    Let’s go eat swedish meatballs at the Ikea, mmm-kay? I need some new (cheap) dishtowels and a rug for the baby’s room. And a merkinflerkin. And a sloopdeedoop. And some splockels.
    So glad all went mostly well. Can’t wait to hear more!

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