music to my ears.

7 Mar

this weekend was crazy busy.  william had a sleepover friday night with his buddies and we had so much fun!  i’ll post pics later.

saturday will and i hit the road at noon and headed up to charlotte for the day and evening.  we picked out a couch at ikea that we plan to purchase after we close on our house [hopefully] next thursday.  the kids can sleep in sleeping bags until the truck delivers our stuff.

we met up with some friends and after a big, fat greasy dinner, we went to a really fun concert.  i’m a big fan of drew holcomb and the neighbors after i first heard ellie holcomb (drew’s wife) sing at a young life camp.  they are totally on the cusp of making it big.  they’re a great band with a unique sound.  here’s their latest video for their newest song, which should be playing on a radio near you.




the headliner for the show was marc broussard, who’s from my hometown of lafayette, la.  he’s got an amazingly deep, rich soulful voice that i absolutely love.  his biggest hit “home” is one of my favorite songs.  every single time i drive across the border into louisiana, we blare that song in the hotyssey.  and every time i run a race, that is a must-have on my ipod playlist.  the video is extra cool to me because it’s full of places where i’m from and gives me a sweet reminder of my home.  enjoy!




we celebrated william’s eighth birthday on sunday.  he’s really starting to grow up and it’s fun to watch, usually.  🙂


one week to go….one week.

One Response to “music to my ears.”

  1. Margie March 7, 2011 at 8:46 pm #

    Ohhh! I love Marc Broussard! One of my good friends I used to music promo with works for him. She’s in that video – in the footage with them jamming out on the front porch and some during the concert shoot. So cool that Drew & Ellie opened for him!

    Oh, and another fun fact. That song, “Home,” literally blew out the speakers in our old Jeep. Had to replace all four speakers. Broussard owes me! 🙂

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