a few finds.

29 Apr

it has been so fun finding new places to shop around here!  i decided ahead of time that i wanted to take my time decorating this house, instead of buying a whole bunch of new junk just to fill it up.  so i’m starting in the places we spend the most time–the mosh pit, the kitchen and breakfast area.  i’ve found some great antique stores and a few thrift shops and am really enjoying mixing new with old.  here are two of my favorites:

i found a pair of oversized lamps in the perfect shade of yellowy gold to match the rug in the mosh pit.  bill of bill’s used furniture practically gave them to me [that’s a whole post in itself–this guy had several stuffed real, but dead, animals in his store].  i got some new shades at target and voila!  new lamps!

i found this adorable table at an antique store.  it was in a bowling alley in the 1950s and it has a speckled aqua formica top.  it’s in the mosh pit and it used mainly by the kids for art projects, playing games, doing puzzles, etc.  it’s the sturdiest table so i’m hoping they won’t be able to destroy it.  this was a total steal!

my sister comes in this weekend and we’re ready for the royal wedding.  i found some crumpets at the store and she gave me a tea kettle for my birthday, so we are stocked up!  i’m DVRing the coverage since she won’t get here until late morning.  will works tonight, so we’re planning a girly evening of tea, crumpets and awful english accents.  what else in the world are sisters meant to do????



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