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no turning back now.

11 Mar

well, there is no turning back now.  80% of our house is completely packed in boxes.  the big red boxes have been redelivered.  a team of guys are going extreme makover: yard edition on our yard at this very moment.  packing will be finished later this afternoon.  the loading of “The Mayflower” (as William calls it) will be today and Monday.  amelia’s last day of playschool was today.  the boys’ last day of school is monday.  we’re staying at will’s dad’s house monday night and hitting the road Tuesday morning.

our dear friends hoyt and sarah hosted a beautiful farewell party last night at their home.  sarah, jeannie and allison made some delicious treats and everyone signed a different page in this beautiful book.   it was such a bittersweet night after a really, really hard day.  fortunately i had already lost my “emotional marbles” bright and early in the day, so i was emotionally spent by the time the evening had rolled around.  it was wonderful to relax, laugh, have a couple of [not bud light] beers and be together.  we’re all looking forward to a giant playdate at the park tomorrow for our family friends.  william is most excited about playing baseball with his friends, so if you’re coming tomorrow, please bring your glove!!

the surrealness of it all is definitely gone.  reality has hit.  this is happening.  and it’s happening right now.  saying goodbye is waaaaay harder than i anticipated, but in a way i’m thankful it’s hard.  that just means we truly, genuinely have people we love and who love us right back.  we’re 100% confident God is taking us to Pittsburgh, but leaving is hard. allison and i beat the living snot out of a boxing bag yesterday after kettlebells.  i mean, that bag is huuurting today, probably almost as much as my knuckles hurt.  it felt so good beating that bag. (side note: the boxing gloves i had on completely matched my workout clothes and i looked like a cuter version of rocky. end side note.)  i laughed, cursed, and cried while i hit it, and i loved it so much i’m considering getting a bag for our basement.

i have the best friends a girl could ever ask for.  yall, they are THE best.  we all had the you-better-not-stop-talking-to-me-or-i’ll-track-you-down-and-go-kettlebell-on-your-butt talk.  and i love them.  that is all.

so as i sit here and watch the guys in the backyard make it look beautiful and the guy packing up our entire bedroom, i can’t help but feel confident that ” he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 1:6)  i am trusting that God is doing something great in our family and in each of us and i’m excited.  allison reminded me yesterday that God didn’t create us to be comfortable.  it’s during the discomfort that we trust Him and seek Him.  He’s brought us this far, so there’s not a doubt in my mind that He’ll take care of us from here to Pittsburgh and beyond.


music to my ears.

7 Mar

this weekend was crazy busy.  william had a sleepover friday night with his buddies and we had so much fun!  i’ll post pics later.

saturday will and i hit the road at noon and headed up to charlotte for the day and evening.  we picked out a couch at ikea that we plan to purchase after we close on our house [hopefully] next thursday.  the kids can sleep in sleeping bags until the truck delivers our stuff.

we met up with some friends and after a big, fat greasy dinner, we went to a really fun concert.  i’m a big fan of drew holcomb and the neighbors after i first heard ellie holcomb (drew’s wife) sing at a young life camp.  they are totally on the cusp of making it big.  they’re a great band with a unique sound.  here’s their latest video for their newest song, which should be playing on a radio near you.




the headliner for the show was marc broussard, who’s from my hometown of lafayette, la.  he’s got an amazingly deep, rich soulful voice that i absolutely love.  his biggest hit “home” is one of my favorite songs.  every single time i drive across the border into louisiana, we blare that song in the hotyssey.  and every time i run a race, that is a must-have on my ipod playlist.  the video is extra cool to me because it’s full of places where i’m from and gives me a sweet reminder of my home.  enjoy!




we celebrated william’s eighth birthday on sunday.  he’s really starting to grow up and it’s fun to watch, usually.  🙂


one week to go….one week.

a good day.

3 Mar

this week has been hard.  really, really tough.  really, really sad.  we’ve officially started saying our real goodbyes and are tying up loose ends from morning until night.  it’s exhausting, physically and emotionally.

so indulge me and let me tell you about my wonderful day yesterday.

my friend gwen and i had planned on spending the morning together, as we have for the last few months.  we had planned on going for a really long run, but i just didn’t have it in me.  fortunately allison called 2 minutes before gwen and i met up and told me about a matilda jane trunk show.  i hadn’t ever been to one and i really wanted to check it out.

so gwen hopped in the car and we went to the trunk show.  fun, fun, adorable clothes.  i got amelia a cute dress and matching skirts for both of us:

oh so cute.  so then gwen and i tightened up our running shoes and headed out for a great run on a beautiful morning.

great conversation.  i love that girl.  a whole lot.

we finished up and got back to the van.  gwen needed water, so we headed down to the gas station on the corner.  as she’s got out of the car she pulled out a big ol’ bag of doritos.  oh how i love doritos.  and gwen loves them just as much.  she headed into the gas station to get water and returned with a bottle of water and 2-12 oz. cans of bud light.

oh yes she did.

and at 11am on a thursday morning, we found a corner of a park far, far away from any kiddies, pulled out my reusable grocery bags, sat down and ate doritos and drank beer.  and it was good.

so very good.

it was just what i needed and i suspect it was just what she needed too.


i picked amelia up from mother’s day out and met up with my sweet friend Mary Beth at Groucho’s and put a hurtin’ on an STP sandwich.  mb is awesome.  she is one of the most real, tell it like it is people i know and i love that about her.  and she loves jesus a whole, whole, lot.


in the afternoon i was able to take some sweet photos of allison’s kids mac and lawson.  one day i’ll actually have a minute to look at them, but that may not be for a few days or weeks.  i seriously cannot remember when my life has ever been this nonstop.


we capped off the day with a great dinner with some friends at pawley’s front porch.  and by the time i pulled the covers up, i was asleep.


we’ve got a great few days up ahead–william turns 8 this weekend!

junkyard engagement photo session.

24 Feb

Amanda has been one of our very favorite babysitters for the last several years.  She is completely adorable and I have loved watching her grow over time.  When she asked me to shoot her and Josh’s engagement photos, I gladly accepted, despite being on such a time crunch.  How could I say no to this adorable couple???  I said yes and THEN she told me they wanted to do them in a JUNKYARD!  Oh how I’ve longed to shoot photos in a junkyard.


I’m not kidding.


The color, the texture, the stories…


Josh has lots of great memories with this particular junkyard since it’s a hike-through-the-woods bit behind his house.  He even told us about sleeping in the backs of old ambulances with his buddies in high school.  How crazy/fun/scary/adventurous!


Anyway, I haven’t been blogging much because honestly, we are going ninety to nothing these days.  We’re squeezing in time with family and friends ALL THE TIME.  I absolutely love it, but it’s just a change from the pace we normally run.  I’m sure I’ll have plenty to blog about once I have no friends.


Sadly I’m not kidding.


Our move date is still March 15.  Truck is loading on the 14th and we’re caravaning it up to PA on the 15th.  We close on the Prospect Ave. house on the 17th and the boys start school on the 18th.  What a week!!


Anyway I hope you enjoy these pics.  You can view more here.  Enjoy!




Amanda’s new last name is going to be White!!!  How cool!!


girls beach weekend.

15 Feb

i went to hilton head island, sc with 4 of my very best friends in the whole wide world this past weekend.  and it was sweet.


so, so sweet.



we laughed [until we cried].

we danced [like we were 18 again].

we ate [a lot].

we walked on the beach [picking up sand dollars].

we played this game [until tears streamed down our faces].

we read [good books].

we shopped [a little].

we drank [good beer/wine].

we cried [knowing things are about to change].

we talked [about everything under the sun].

we slept [because we there were no children to wake us].

we prayed [and cried at the same time].

we knitted and crocheted [scarves and cowls with beautiful yarn].

we took pictures [at sunset].

we were present [as friends].


i am so grateful for my beautiful friends:






















Happiness is…

8 Feb


A friend who shows up at your doorstep with flowers just because she loves you.


12 Jan

I have absolutely nothing to blame on this insanity.  Will loves a good Polar Bear Club.  That is it.

It’s been quite cold here (for SC anyway) over the last week.  We got 4″ of snow on Sunday night/Monday and the temps haven’t gotten out of the 30s yet.  (And the kids are now home for the third day in a row.)  Will texted his buddies, seeing if anyone wanted to jump in the pool.  Nothing.

Until last night @ 5:30, I was on the phone with one of my closest friends, Jeannie.  Her husband Kelly was up for it.

He really was.

So, I called Allison and Leighton and Uncle Chris.  At 7:00 it was on.  And it was no more than 30* outside, 40* water temp.

I don’t know what came over me,  but I suddenly had the urge, for the first time ever, to jump too.  And somehow I managed to talk Jeannie and Allison into doing it with me.  Uncle Chris was having none of it and agreed to be the videographer.  We went first because if we waited any longer, we knew we’d bail.

You can’t see much in the videos, which is probably a good thing.  But turn the sound up a little and you’ll be very entertained.  (We actually jump around the 1:45 mark, if you don’t want to listen to the pre-jump party.)

The guys were much more carefree, let’s just say that.

No one’s heart stopped.  No one sank to the bottom of the pool.  And  I’m happy to report I can check that off of my life list.

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