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favorite things 2010: GETTING IN SHAPE!

30 Dec

Will and I got serious about getting in REAL shape this year and I have to say, I’m pretty proud of us!  Will joined Gold’s Gym in the fall of 2009 and he has been working out like a machine.  I decided that I was going to run a half-marathon before I turned 31.  I trained for about 16 weeks using this plan.  It was by far the hardest I’ve ever worked to attain a goal.  But on February 27, I DID IT!

I ran the inaugural Columbia Half-Marathon and finished in 2 hours, 13 minutes.  Not bad for a first timer!  My sweet brother and his girlfriend Lindsay surprised me at the finish line, along with my precious friends Jeannie and Allison.  But when I saw the Will and the kids, I completely lost it and started bawling.  Who does that after running for 2 hours?????


After a few other races this year, Will and I ran the Marine Corps Mud Run.  It’s the largest mud run in the country, over 4.5 miles and 32 obstacles and 10,000 people worked together in teams of 4.  We ran it with our friends Hoyt and Sarah.  Hoyt had previously run the race, but it was the first time for the rest of us.  Just to give you an idea of the intensity, watch this short video.



This is what we looked like AFTER the race.

It was SO MUCH FUN!!!  The race was definitely not for people who are afraid of heights, dirt or Marines yelling at you.  But we did it!


I took a break from running in the summer and have been going to KORE Wellness since then.  If you are looking for a place to SERIOUSLY get in shape in Columbia, this is it.  Elise offers several classes, but I’ve been doing the kettlebell training.  For the first time in my life, I’m enjoying weight training.  It’s sorta like cardio and weights mixed in one 30 minute workout…a workout that burns 600 calories!  Honestly, it’s like personal training in a group setting, usually 4 or 5 people.  Elise gives one-on-one instruction and makes sure your mechanics are right.  After 5 solid months of doing kettlebells, I can’t believe how much more toned and how much stronger I am!  I love it!  I love it so much, in fact, that Elise is going to help me set up a home kettlebell gym and I’ll follow the workouts online in Pittsburgh, doing them at home.  It’s like e-training, I guess.


So it’s definitely been a great year for us physically!  Here’s to 2011!



Our First Big Race

16 Mar

Most of you know Will and I training for a half-marathon later this year.  We’ve been running since December 1, and I’m very proud to say we’re still going strong. 

Yesterday was our first big race, the St. Patrick’s Day Festival 5K.  Will’s sister Kate and her husband Michael, my friends Chet and Sandy, our couple friends Hoyt and Sarah, and Will and I all ran in it.  We all finished and had a blast!!  You can read more about it on our training blog.  I’ll post more stories and photos here in the next couple of days.  Enjoy!!

Let’s Go Racing

7 Jan

Sorry the posting has been so sporadic lately.  Things have been busy for some reason.  We haven’t been doing anything huge, but everyday we just pass the time quickly.  Like sands in the hourglass (or however it goes)…

I haven’t really written much about this but Will and I have started training for a half-marathon later this year.  We started December 1 with several people all over the country.  I’ve never called myself a runner, and it’s not something I’ve particularly enjoyed doing.  But it was a challenge, and what better a challenge could it be?  You can click on the link for our training blog here or on the blogroll.  We’ve surprisingly done really well so far.  I certainly had my doubts, but I now love running.  It’s amazing!!

The goal of the first 10 weeks is to simply run for 30 minutes straight.  From then on, we’ll work on mileage, time and endurance.  I’d never run in a real race (other than the Ghost and Goblin Run, taking it back oh….15 or so years), but I decided I wanted to try it out.  Will’s sister Kate also decided she wanted in on the challenge, so we’ve been running together a good bit lately.  We paid our fees and ran in the MLK 5K this past Saturday.  One word:  cold.  I’m really glad we did it, but it was less than 30 degrees at the start and not much more by the finish. 


Before the race


Crossing the finish


The boys cheered us on as we finished and it was so much fun!  Our next race is March 15th, the St. Pat’s in Five Points 5K.  Our goal race is the White Rock Half-Marathon this December in Dallas.  There’s also a half-marathon here in October.  So we’ll see how it all plays out…

If you’re up for the challenge, let me know and we’ll get you started!!

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