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a few finds.

29 Apr

it has been so fun finding new places to shop around here!  i decided ahead of time that i wanted to take my time decorating this house, instead of buying a whole bunch of new junk just to fill it up.  so i’m starting in the places we spend the most time–the mosh pit, the kitchen and breakfast area.  i’ve found some great antique stores and a few thrift shops and am really enjoying mixing new with old.  here are two of my favorites:

i found a pair of oversized lamps in the perfect shade of yellowy gold to match the rug in the mosh pit.  bill of bill’s used furniture practically gave them to me [that’s a whole post in itself–this guy had several stuffed real, but dead, animals in his store].  i got some new shades at target and voila!  new lamps!

i found this adorable table at an antique store.  it was in a bowling alley in the 1950s and it has a speckled aqua formica top.  it’s in the mosh pit and it used mainly by the kids for art projects, playing games, doing puzzles, etc.  it’s the sturdiest table so i’m hoping they won’t be able to destroy it.  this was a total steal!

my sister comes in this weekend and we’re ready for the royal wedding.  i found some crumpets at the store and she gave me a tea kettle for my birthday, so we are stocked up!  i’m DVRing the coverage since she won’t get here until late morning.  will works tonight, so we’re planning a girly evening of tea, crumpets and awful english accents.  what else in the world are sisters meant to do????



a good day.

3 Mar

this week has been hard.  really, really tough.  really, really sad.  we’ve officially started saying our real goodbyes and are tying up loose ends from morning until night.  it’s exhausting, physically and emotionally.

so indulge me and let me tell you about my wonderful day yesterday.

my friend gwen and i had planned on spending the morning together, as we have for the last few months.  we had planned on going for a really long run, but i just didn’t have it in me.  fortunately allison called 2 minutes before gwen and i met up and told me about a matilda jane trunk show.  i hadn’t ever been to one and i really wanted to check it out.

so gwen hopped in the car and we went to the trunk show.  fun, fun, adorable clothes.  i got amelia a cute dress and matching skirts for both of us:

oh so cute.  so then gwen and i tightened up our running shoes and headed out for a great run on a beautiful morning.

great conversation.  i love that girl.  a whole lot.

we finished up and got back to the van.  gwen needed water, so we headed down to the gas station on the corner.  as she’s got out of the car she pulled out a big ol’ bag of doritos.  oh how i love doritos.  and gwen loves them just as much.  she headed into the gas station to get water and returned with a bottle of water and 2-12 oz. cans of bud light.

oh yes she did.

and at 11am on a thursday morning, we found a corner of a park far, far away from any kiddies, pulled out my reusable grocery bags, sat down and ate doritos and drank beer.  and it was good.

so very good.

it was just what i needed and i suspect it was just what she needed too.


i picked amelia up from mother’s day out and met up with my sweet friend Mary Beth at Groucho’s and put a hurtin’ on an STP sandwich.  mb is awesome.  she is one of the most real, tell it like it is people i know and i love that about her.  and she loves jesus a whole, whole, lot.


in the afternoon i was able to take some sweet photos of allison’s kids mac and lawson.  one day i’ll actually have a minute to look at them, but that may not be for a few days or weeks.  i seriously cannot remember when my life has ever been this nonstop.


we capped off the day with a great dinner with some friends at pawley’s front porch.  and by the time i pulled the covers up, i was asleep.


we’ve got a great few days up ahead–william turns 8 this weekend!

A Few More Things…

30 Apr

This week has been much calmer compared to last week.  I’m trying to finish the quilt for Kate’s upcoming bridal shower, and that takes major focus and drive.  Fortunately I was able to do most of the quilting part yesterday, so there’s just a few more hours of work on that.  I’ll post photos after I give it to her, but since she’s one of my greatest readers, I don’t want to spoil the surprise.  I’m DYING to give it to her.  I designed it in my head, down to paper, and then to many dollars worth of fabric.  It’s so beautiful I just want to keep it for myself.  Why does that always happen???

But now Amelia is the sick one.  We made it through an entire week without sickness, so it was bound to happen.  She’s got the crusty eyes, nose drip and NASTY cough.  But I know she’ll survive, just like the other 2 did.  I admit she’s even beautiful with crusty eyes.

I posted some new photos of Zachary on my photo blog.  But other than that, I’ve been laying low.  I can barely survive with what I’ve got!

I thought I’d post a few more of my favorite links, Amelia version.  It’s just a couple, but why not?

Belle’s Bowtique

These are my absolute favorite bows.  When Amelia was born, I told Jessica I would just probably save money and make all of her bows. 

No.  Not worth it.

So a friend gave me some as a gift when she was born and I fell in love.  She has a ton of different designs with bows, flowers and everything in between.  She even has tutus!  (Now that I DID make.)  I don’t know what she does to make them so perfect, but it works.  They’re not that expensive (especially considering how much you would pay in any other store) and they just LOOK like they’re better quality.  I guess that’s because they are.  Anyway, order some.  Tell Billie (Belle’s mom) I sent ya.


This girl has a shop on Etsy, one of my very favorite websites.  It’s sort of like Ebay, but no bidding.  And everything is handmade.  Maybe it’s like the web’s largest craft show.  Except everything is really cool, and there’s nothing that involves a duck cross-stitched onto a wreath. 

So anyway, I LOVE her pinafores.  I ordered 2, and I swear Amelia wore them for 9 months.  First, she wore it as a dress, then as a top with jeans.  In the fall and winter, I put a long-sleeve shirt on underneath.  Now I put nothing under it and just put a cute diaper cover on her cute little behind.  Now I see she has skirts that are totally precious.  I think I might have to go order one….

A Few of My Favorite Things

24 Apr

Since I do so much internet shopping, I thought I would start posting a few of my favorite websites (shopping and otherwise) every once in a while.  Mixing it up is a good thing, right?  So here are today’s favorites:

Mabel’s Labels

I saw these on a friend’s juice cup (for the kid, not her) and couldn’t believe my eyes.  Here was a preprinted label (that was cute too!) that actually STUCK and wasn’t peeling.  Within 24 hours, I had ordered my very own first set of labels.  They make them for clothes, shoes and even luggage tags.  Don’t laugh, but one of my very first thoughts when I brought Amelia home from the hospital was, “Oh no!  We need PINK labels!”  Shortly thereafter, Amelia had the Princess Pack with a little flower on it.  The best part is that they’re not just for kids.  These are PERFECT for teachers.  (Don’t worry, Kate.  Once you get your own classroom, these will be in the mail to you.)

Livie and Luca

These shoes are absolutely worth every penny.  Periord.  They are the softest leather, especially for little feet, but sturdy enough for new walkers.  Girl pick:  Eve’s Pink Apples.  Boy pick:  Brown Elephants.

50 Ways to Save the Planet

50 very, very practical ways to incoroporate green into everyday life.  Pick one a week and just do it.

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