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Coming Up!

18 Dec

Since I was a really crappy blogger this year, I’m going to start tomorrow recounting the best things of 2010 for our family! I’ll post photos and stories from adventures we’ve had, places we’ve been and ways we’ve changed! Stay tuned!


Let’s Try This Again…2010

28 Sep

I think I’ll just attempt to blog once or twice a year and fail miserably, but oh well.  That does seem to be the pattern. But I’m giving it another shot.

I’ve actually been sitting here for 10 minutes completely overwhelmed by everything that has changed on wordpress since i’ve last blogged.  And now I have 10 minutes until I get the boys from the bus stop.  Both boys.  William AND Zachary.  And then we’ll be off to karate for our afternoon of fun.

So I’m getting over the fact that this blog will not be perfect.  Our life is messy and imperfect.  And with all of those crazy awesome bloggers out there (Pioneer Woman and Nester, anyone??), I will not be winning any SuperBlogger awards.  Not that I ascribe to that anyway.  I have about 10 loads of laundry to fold.  My toes still have dirt in them from the Mud Run 3 days ago.  I have a million things I should be doing, but I’m going to try and really make this a priority because it’s the only form of journalling I have for our kids.

I am so far from perfect.  But something in me wants this to be a “perfect” blog, whatever that looks like.  So I’m not catching you up on the last two years.  I won’t post pictures every time.  And I probably won’t even have a funny story every time (although a couple of nights ago Zachary shouted from the bathroom that he pooped a stingray…).  But that’s ok.  Jesus loves and accepts me for who I am, blogging failures and all.  I’ll assume no one will even read this, except maybe Allison, my sister and once a month, my mom.  I’ll just brace myself for Will to make fun of me.

Oh if I would have known how appropriate the title for this blog is years ago when I started it….If you ever see a bumper sticker that says “I love adventure” please buy it for me.  I love adventure.

OK, the worst part is over.  I’ve started blogging again.

Afternoon Adventures

20 Sep

The weather has been simply beautiful the last week or so!  So after we finish doing William’s homework, we go and play outside for hours.  Amelia especially likes being outside.  Her favorite right now is playing in the car.  Will doubted me when I told him Mom was getting William one eons ago.  And every single child who comes over goes straight for that car.  I guess it’s a staple like the wagon once was, and really still is.

So this is how I found the boys playing a few days ago.  Zachary is ALWAYS running around in underwear, shirt optional.  People around here just know him like that.  And honestly, I really don’t care.  As long as he has dry underwear, I’m happy.  Oh, and the rule is no going to the bathroom in the front yard (even the side bushes).  Only go inside the house or in the backyard.  Yes, I’m a boy mom.  Anyway, so he started going to AWANA now that he’s 3.  He absolutely LOVES it (and so do we!!!).  This visor was his craft on the first night.  I think he looks a bit like the Pope.


And this was also a huge week because Amelia first wore pigtails.  OMG, I almost died when I was able to get the pa-du-kees (hair elastic in Cajun) to stay.  She didn’t mind me playing with her hair until I got it right, and the ribbons even stayed in all day!!!  This was one proud momma on Monday!

William’s favorite thing in the whole wide world is riding his bike.

And these are a few shots from yesterday’s beautiful 73 degree afternoon.  So much fun being outside on days like that!!!!

Back to Blogging

9 Sep

So I’ve failed blogging.  Part of the reason people read a blog is because you write on a regular basis.  Not so much me.  But I’ll give it another shot.

I’m Not a Theatre Critic, BUT…

18 Jul

Will got us tickets last night to go see the musical production of Reefer Madness.  I had never heard of the original 1930s movie, much less the spoof musical version.  It is playing downtown Columbia at the Trustus Theatre.  Basically, the movie in the 30s was to scare everyone into not using drugs.  If you smoked one joint, your life was completely doomed.

Now, I’m not into drugs.  Obviously.  Never done one and I never will.  BUT this musical was hysterical.  Here is the State newspaper’s review, and here is one other review.  The bottom line is this: 

1.  NOT for the easily offended.  Mom, this includes you.  🙂

2.  It is very well-acted.

3.  I laughed so much!  And I only caught half of what they were saying.


The show runs through July 26.  Go.  And love it.


24 May

I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted.  Life has been a bit crazy to say the least.  So I’ll think I’ll just catch you up in short form.

1.  The kids and I went to Louisiana last week.  It was dubbed “Princess Kate” weekend because Friday she graduated from LSU.  Summa Cum Laude, I might add.  (Sorry I’m just a proud sister!!)  Sunday was her big bridal shower that I organized, and Monday we did her bridal portraits.  So many pictures, so little time.  I took almost 2000 photos in 9 days, so it’s going to be tough paring them down.  I’ll post some ASAP.

2.  Did I mention Kate graduated Summa Cum Laude?  And she’s going to grad school for free!!!  How awesome is that????

3.  On the way down there, we almost got swept up in a tornado.  Now granted it was still a couple of miles off, which we found out after the fact, but it was absolutely terrifying.  I was a mere 15 miles from my aunt’s house in Baton Rouge (13 hours into the trip, mind you) when I had to pull the Hotyssey over on the side of the interstate.  I’m not one to do this, but in 60+ mph winds, hurricane-style torrential rain and hail, I was faced with no choice.  Then lightning struck a tree right next to us.  The kids were shocked and terrified all at the same time.

4.  But we made it.

5.  The next morning we were all in my mom’s closet at 6:30AM because another tornado was just a couple of miles away.  This one hit some friends’ house, but they were ok.  Crazy stuff.

6.  A few days later, some train tanker overturned.  It was carrying hydrochloric acid, which turns into chlorine gas.  So a major thoroughfare in Lafayette was shut down for a couple of days and evacuations were everywhere.   Last time I was there, that natural gas well explosion happened and shut down I-10.  I think we bring bad karma.  My mom said that’s not a good enough reason to stop visiting.  🙂

7.  I have a stress fracture in my tibia (lower leg).  This is from running and is probably related to a calcium deficiency.  If you want to know more, just ask.  But I’m going back to the ortho MD Tuesday, where I expect him to tell me I can’t run for 6-8 weeks.  I’m supposed to be wearing this giant boot thing, and since it’s on my right leg, I can’t drive with it.  I should probably wear it more, but I just can’t handle it emotionally.  Discuss.

8.  Amelia and Will’s birthdays are this week!!!  I can’t believe my baby girl is going to be 1.  I think it’s time for another one.  JUST KIDDING!!!!

That’s it for now.

Me and my future brother-in-law making fun of everyone at graduation.  I mean, when your mother names you Tequila, you leave yourself open to stuff like that, right???

The girls!

William hamming it up for the camera.  It’s in our code to try every new Mexican restaurant within a 30 mile radius.  There’s just something about a quest for the perfect chips and salsa.

Sweet Zachary and Aunt Kate.  Somehow he managed to open a packet of Equal, and then he proceeded to lick every molecule off of his finger.  At least he was entertained.

William Rides His Bike!!

26 Apr

William realized this week that he could ride his bike “without any noise,” meaning his training wheels didn’t touch the ground.  So last night after dinner, Will took William to our neighborhood school, Meadowfield Elementary School to learn to ride.  Once he took the training wheels off, Will steadied him and 5 seconds later, William left Will in the dust.  That was it!  It’s a moment every dad dreams about! 

Of course he came home and showed me, and THEN I got the camera.  Here is William demonstrating his new favorite skill:


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