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28 Apr

sorry for the lapse in posts. i’ve been nesting.  and detoxing (from our columbia life). and my mom came to visit for easter.

so we’ve been a little busy.

i admit adjusting to life here has been a bit tougher than i anticipated.  with will’s new schedule and varying hours and varying days, finding a rhythm for our family just hasn’t happened yet. and i’m a very routine person.  every week seems to have something new that throws a wrench into our daily life. BUT i know it will happen in time. i just want it NOW!

things really are going well.  baseball season is here and the boys have started playing games.  last night we had a doubleheader with william playing @ 5:45 and zachary @ 7.  we went out for pizza afterwards (i had planned on eating at the ballpark, but a dinner of nachos and beef jerky doesn’t really seem like a “good mom” kinda dinner).  will looked at me and said, “i love nights like this. baseball, kids playing happily, buying amelia peanuts during the game and the boys gatorade after the game, eating pizza…  this is the good life.” and i had to agree.

i’m a  bit short on time b/c we’re headed to another tball game tonight, but here are a few pics from the last couple of weeks–mainly projects i’m working on.

here’s our breakfast area before the paint and curtains.  the grey was pretty dark and it needed more light in there!

we painted it bakery box white from martha stewart living line from home depot.  it’s a blue tinged white and i love it!  i made lined triple pinch pleat drapes with an amy butler fabric and am so proud of myself for how they turned out!

here’s my next project.  i’ll show you how i completely transformed it tomorrow!  it was an easter weekend project that my mom and i did together. i am in love with how it turned out!

here’s a sweet pic from mom’s visit.  amelia woke up in a bad mood, but at least the boys were happy.

happy thursday!


Amelia’s Got a Brand New Bag

22 Feb





I made Amelia’s diaper bag before she was born, and I love love love it.  It’s the Amy Butler pattern “Nappy Bag.”  I totally love it, but it’s ginormous.  Time for a new bag. 

So I found this Japanese Wizard of Oz print canvas a couple of months ago.  I completely fell in love with it, so I ordered a yard not knowing what I would do with it.  Jessica made this bag last week for her mother-in-law and I thought it would be perfect for Amelia.  It’s another Amy Butler pattern.  PERFECT!  I had the polka dot print lying around just waiting to be cut, and Jessica had the pink linen sitting there, very lonely.  And 2 days later Amelia has a new diaper bag!!  Granted it’s not very big, but it’s definitely big enough for a diaper, wipes and a change of clothes.  Plus she can carry it as a purse in a few years!  I’m so happy with it!

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