no turning back now.

11 Mar

well, there is no turning back now.  80% of our house is completely packed in boxes.  the big red boxes have been redelivered.  a team of guys are going extreme makover: yard edition on our yard at this very moment.  packing will be finished later this afternoon.  the loading of “The Mayflower” (as William calls it) will be today and Monday.  amelia’s last day of playschool was today.  the boys’ last day of school is monday.  we’re staying at will’s dad’s house monday night and hitting the road Tuesday morning.

our dear friends hoyt and sarah hosted a beautiful farewell party last night at their home.  sarah, jeannie and allison made some delicious treats and everyone signed a different page in this beautiful book.   it was such a bittersweet night after a really, really hard day.  fortunately i had already lost my “emotional marbles” bright and early in the day, so i was emotionally spent by the time the evening had rolled around.  it was wonderful to relax, laugh, have a couple of [not bud light] beers and be together.  we’re all looking forward to a giant playdate at the park tomorrow for our family friends.  william is most excited about playing baseball with his friends, so if you’re coming tomorrow, please bring your glove!!

the surrealness of it all is definitely gone.  reality has hit.  this is happening.  and it’s happening right now.  saying goodbye is waaaaay harder than i anticipated, but in a way i’m thankful it’s hard.  that just means we truly, genuinely have people we love and who love us right back.  we’re 100% confident God is taking us to Pittsburgh, but leaving is hard. allison and i beat the living snot out of a boxing bag yesterday after kettlebells.  i mean, that bag is huuurting today, probably almost as much as my knuckles hurt.  it felt so good beating that bag. (side note: the boxing gloves i had on completely matched my workout clothes and i looked like a cuter version of rocky. end side note.)  i laughed, cursed, and cried while i hit it, and i loved it so much i’m considering getting a bag for our basement.

i have the best friends a girl could ever ask for.  yall, they are THE best.  we all had the you-better-not-stop-talking-to-me-or-i’ll-track-you-down-and-go-kettlebell-on-your-butt talk.  and i love them.  that is all.

so as i sit here and watch the guys in the backyard make it look beautiful and the guy packing up our entire bedroom, i can’t help but feel confident that ” he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 1:6)  i am trusting that God is doing something great in our family and in each of us and i’m excited.  allison reminded me yesterday that God didn’t create us to be comfortable.  it’s during the discomfort that we trust Him and seek Him.  He’s brought us this far, so there’s not a doubt in my mind that He’ll take care of us from here to Pittsburgh and beyond.


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